Honeybee in Canada, courtesy Yvan Leduc / Wikimedia.
by Yvan Leduc courtesy Wikimedia
A honeybee visiting a pink flower, courtesy Wikimedia.
by Jerzy Strzelecki, courtesy Wikimedia

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Individual Foster Buckfast Queen


This is a single  Foster Buckfast queen bee. We usually carry a supply of queens at Big Lake. If you are also ordering packages, consider selecting double-queen packages as queens typically transport better this way. Note that a package normally contains a single queen.


A productive bee with good wintering characteristics.  Our supplier used these in the Dakotas and reported that they were good honey producers with temperament similar to his Italians.  Reports from those who used these bees last year were very positive.

Buckfast bees were developed by Brother Adam in Buckfast Abbey.  They were developed as a cross of the English Black Bee, bees from Northern Italy, France, Turkey, and Greece.  They have a reputation for being good honey and pollen gatherers and lower propolis usage.  Wintering traits should make them suitable for our northern climate.  

The largest breeder of Buckfast bees in the United States is in Texas and have been surrounded by the influence of Africanized Hybrid bees.  While Buckfast bees from this region have developed the reputation for attitude problems, our breeding stock does not come from this area of the country, hence the reason we call these Foster Buckfast.  

Reports this past season have been for the large part very positive.  Numerous beekeepers reported larger harvests out of their Buckfast hives than either the Italian or Carniolans