This would be an example of an order for Bill Smith who ordered  2 packages of Buckfast and 2 packages of Italians for delivery to Wasilla on April 11th:  



Subject:  Bee Order Details for Bill Smith - Please check for Accuracy


Hi Bill,
This is just to check to make sure that I have everything correct in the database for the bee deliveries in April.
This letter pulls the data from our delivery list; so that if you find any entries in the letter that are incorrect or missing, be certain to let me know so that I can fix the entries. 

If you receive more than one email in this format it is because you have several orders under your name.  When you combine the information from the emails it should be correct and accurate.

Please note that if you have supplies on order they are not mentioned in this email as this is only about the bees.

We have you down for 4 packages of bees.

2 package(s) of Buckfast with a single queen per package.
0 package(s) of Buckfast with 2 queens per package.

2 package(s) of Italians with a single queen per package.
0 package(s) of Italians with 2 queens per package.
0 package(s) of Carniolan bees with a single queen per package.
0 package(s) of Carniolans with 2 queens per package.

We also have you down for your pickup spot in Wasilla on April 11th.

The primary number that you provided for us is (907) 892-6245

Directions to your pickup point will follow in a separate email a few days before the bees arrive.  There will also be instructions on how the pickup procedures will work this year with the COVID 19 virus outbreak.  Please follow them to make sure that others are not exposed to potential virus.  Keep in mind that it is only one exposure for you on this day but may represent over 100 exposures to our pickup host and their family.  Each year we are in regular contact with our Bee Hosts to make sure they did not have any difficulties with anyone picking up their bees.  This year we will be adding the question of "Did everyone follow the COVID 19 rules of pickup?"

On all delivery dates we will be picking up the bees at the airport between 8 and 9 am.  Delays receiving the bees are possible and have occurred in the past.  This is especially true this year.
As we have done in the past, as soon as we have received the bees we will update the recording on the home answering machine with an updated message for the expected delivery schedule.  If the bees are delayed or on schedule, the home machine will have the latest information.  907-892-6175.  Please call before you head over for the bees.  We will update the machine each time that the situation changes.  This message will allow you to track our progress during delivery and give you an approximate time of arrival to your location.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car until the packages are unloaded, separated and ready for pickup.


When the bees do arrive at your pickup location, social distancing will be the name of the game.   


For the few of you who have supplies on order that have not received them prior to the arrival of the bees,  please let our host know and follow their instructions for supply pickup.


During delivery days we are extremely busy making sure that your bees arrive to the right location and in a healthy condition.  It is unlikely that we can answer our text capable cell phones and talk for any length of time.  If you send us a text please include your name and location.  If we are on the road or sorting out the bees packages we will not be able to read or respond to your message until we stop, but a text will likely get through sooner than a phone message will be received.  We will not be able to pick up messages from our home phone until we arrive home that night.  It may be late before we get home and quite possibly the next day before we return calls.  Just so that you know....

Because we are concentrating on the care and arrival of the package bees during the month of April the access to beekeeping supplies is limited.   Orders must be placed and paid for online and pickup will be largely self serve at our Big Lake location.  Place your order, we will fill it, send you a text or call you to let you know that it is ready, and what shelf it is on inside our Supply Pick Up shed.  The shed is located at the head of our driveway.  Please call when you come out for your supplies.   Our driveway alarm will sound here in the house and we may or may not come out when you arrive to get your supplies.

We are sending out just over 700 of these emails to catch any errors that may have been made - if the information in this letter is correct there is no need for a reply.