Returns and Refunds

Our goal is to help you to be successful in your beekeeping adventure. It is important to be satisfied with your purchase. If there is something wrong with the supplies that you purchased, please give us a call and we can exchange or refund your money. However, some items may not be able to be returned. For example, if you have purchased unassembled hive components and have assembled them, we may not be able to accept them back. In addition, unassembled hive components, if left unassembled for a length of time, may warp and make assembly of square boxes difficult. We can't take back warped or damaged woodenware. If you have difficulty with your bees and your queens, it is very important that you let us know early in the season while there is still time enough to fix it. As we have stated elsewhere, our queens are guaranteed to be alive, healthy and fertile upon delivery. As many factors depend upon the beekeeper, we cannot guarantee your package of bees after the point at which you pick it up at the distribution point. Queens are in their own box and difficult to examine at pickup time, particularly without potentially damaging the workers in the package by shaking them down. Upon prompt installation, if your queen is needing to be replaced please let us know. Because of the wide variety of package installation and queen release techniques, we cannot guarantee the health of the package or the acceptance of the queen following installation. Once the bees and the queen are placed into the hive it becomes your responsibility to maintain their state of health.  We have replacement queens available at the distribution point. Queens are replaced free of charge if they are dead prior to hiving or defective. We won't replace the queen if she is not the right size, shape, or shade of color that you imagine that she should be.


We take the security of information very seriously. The information that you provide to us is stored on our computer in an encrypted format.  This allows you to be entered into our customer database as well as see past orders. It also places you on our email list for the spring package bee order.  We do not store any of your financial information. Once you have finished any of the payment information and pushed the submit button that portion of the data is gone from our system and resides with the credit card processor. We have the ability to log into our processor's website to make refunds, reverse charges, and see purchase history. On that site we are able to see the transaction details but only the last 4 numbers of your card appear to us. We use as our processor, one of the leading card processors. Their site is also secure.  

We do not share your data with any third parties.

Refusal of service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We are proud of the level of service and the quality of products that we provide. We believe that we have the highest level of service and the highest quality of bees in the entire state. Within the hundreds and hundreds of customers there seem to always exist one or two that we are not able to satisfy no matter what we do. Customer satisfaction is important to us. Rather than falling short on future expected service and quality we will be canceling orders and refunding payments to these individuals as their orders come in. We will be providing them with the opportunity to order bees or supplies from other suppliers in the area in hopes that they will find what they are looking for.