Bee boxes on a pallet, courtesy Flickr.
by Jessica Reeder, courtesy Flickr & Wikimedia

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Hive Components

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Harvesting & Extracting

Packaging and Bottling

Aid for lifting frames from your boxes.


Plastic oval-shaped bottles with a tamper-proof lid.


This special frame holds wax foundation. Comes unassembled and will require wires for securing foundation.


Everything you need to start a new colony. Includes a bottom board entrance reducer, two deep supers, two medium supers, frames, foundation, a specially designed wintering inner cover, and a telescoping cover. The components easily fit together and can be secured with wood glue and small nails (not included).

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Used for swarm control or establishing Topper colonies


Allows bees to pass through while impeding the queen. Queen excluders are useful for double-queen systems, 3 weeks before harvest, or anytime you want to limit the queen's movements.


White food-grade BPA free 5-gallon bucket with lid and a bottling spout.


Hook wired wax foundation. Requires Wedge Top frames.


Assembled frame with Natural Yellow  Ritecell Foundation already installed.  Factory assembled.


This super made out of high-density Styrofoam.

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For prying and loosening hive components. This hive tool is shaped in a flat J shape, rather than the more traditional design.


Plastic oval-shaped bottles with a tamper-proof lid.

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Wax foundation for deep brood boxes. Does not have wires. Requires a wedge top frame.


Standard deep box with 10 wooden frames and black Rite Cell foundation


The frame feeder is approximately the size of a single frame allowing feeding to be done inside the hive.


Plastic oval-shaped bottles with a tamper-proof lid.


Standard medium box with 10 wooden frames and natural Rite Cell foundation


A frame feeder with feeding tubes to give bees better footing while they feed.

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Plastic oval-shaped bottles with a tamper-proof lid.


Pro Health is used as a feed stimulant as well as a health aid.


Assembled frame with Black Ritecell Foundation already installed.  Factory assembled.


Protects the inside wooden edge on a hive body.  Frame ears rest upon metal.


A fine nylon mesh bag large enough to line a 5-gallon bucket.


One sheet of foundation with vertical wires.


This handy device attaches to the outside of the hive during inspection.  This allows you to hang a frame on the outside of the hive instead of leaning it against the hive.  Combs stay safe and out of the way.


Placed under the brood chamber.  Increases airflow, reduces swarming, allows field bees to cluster inside the hive at night below the brood nest.  Also used in wintering to increase space under the hive

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This super made out of high-density Styrofoam.



Plastic oval-shaped bottles with a tamper-proof lid.


Can be useful for mitigating varroa mite infections. 

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An antibiotic that is used for the treatment of Nosema, a fungal infection of the intestinal tract.  Sold by the teaspoon.


The Supply store is Open.

We are back with a load of extractors and honey bottles Our trip to the bee yards was successful and we have secured our package bee order for next April. Expected delivery dates for April 2020 are the 11th, 18th, and the 25th.