Bee boxes on a pallet, courtesy Flickr.
by Jessica Reeder, courtesy Flickr & Wikimedia

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Hive Components

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One sheet of insulation fits above the inner cover.


Removes the wax caps from the tops of honeycomb.


Seals the top of the beehive. This cover is a decorative copper A-frame slanted roof.

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This plastic gate controls the flow of honey out of a bucket.


Hand tool for capturing and holding a queen bee.

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Covers the top of the beehive. This is a non-telescoping lid.  Allows hives to be placed close together for transport.


An inner cover fits under a telescoping lid. It primarily helps to minimize the disturbance to a hive when the telescoping cover is removed.

Also aids in airflow through the hive.


One pound cake of pollen substitute.

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This standard frame is unassembled but the components fit together and can be secured with wood glue and small nails.  Foundation required.


This bottom-mounted pollen trap collects a portion of the pollen that the bees bring into the hive.


Factory assembled. Deep frames are typically used for brood.

Requires foundation.


This frame is unassembled but the components fit together and can be secured with wood glue and small nails.  Requires foundation.


These leather gloves protect your hands from stings. The gloves are elbow-length and are ventilated.

* Size:

Factory assembled.  Foundation required.


This syrup feeder is the size of a shallow super and holds several gallons of feed.

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This bottom board is made out of high-density styrofoam and fits Beemax hives.


This mesh helmet supports the veil.


Screened bottom board for increased ventilation. 

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This fits in the hole in the inner cover.

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Includes entrance reducer.


Soft brush for removing bees from a frame. This tool is most commonly used during harvest.


Ritecell beeswax-coated black plastic.


Full-length one-piece pants, top, and veil.

* Size:

Honey super without frames.


Simple top for basic bee protection.  Zippered veil, elastic cuffs and waist band

* Size:

The Supply store is Open.

We are back with a load of extractors and honey bottles Our trip to the bee yards was successful and we have secured our package bee order for next April. Expected delivery dates for April 2020 are the 11th, 18th, and the 25th.